Rapidly Growing Programming Languages

Programming languages give instructions to the computer to perform some specific task. To grow in the field of web development or machine learning, one needs to be updated with the programming languages. The IT sector is growing at a tremendous pace and so is the development. There are plenty of programming languages but in this article, we will discuss some of the most essential ones which are growing very rapidly.


Here are some of the Rapidly Growing Programming Languages



JavaScript is one of the highly demanding languages and has occupied its high position in the core technologies of the World Wide Web. Almost 97% of the websites use this language. It is an exceptionally interactive language that helps to maintain the connection between the user and the website. Some of the most notable companies like Facebook, Google, and many more are using this as their major language.






Dart is one of the most emerging languages developed by Google designed for the development of web and mobile apps. It is object-oriented and has a syntax similar to that of the C language. It can support both, client and server-side application development. One of the major applications of Dart is Gmail.







HashiCorp Configuration Language(HCL) is a language with a special configuration. It is designed to be used by HashiCorp tools to help programmers execute and store programming in the cloud. But HCL is much more advanced than just a simple configuration language. It has compatibility with JSON as it is similar to it with traditional data structures and in-built capabilities.







Rust is one of the most leading programming languages as its applications are emerging and the same will even continue in near future. It is fast and memory-efficient with a user-friendly compiler that gives productive error messages. It has syntax quite similar to the C++ language. Google is planning to use Rust in the Linux kernel after bringing support for the systems programming language Rust to Android.






Over the past few years, the Go programming language has shown a tremendous demand among programmers and developers. It offers customers many rich features such as garbage collection, dynamic typing, performance, and efficiency. The language supports multithreading and can be used in cloud computing, distribution systems, etc.





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