Foremost Sites to Learn Programming Courses

Do you want to learn coding from the best possible sites? For this purpose, it is very essential to have knowledge of some of the programming languages. You can go the traditional way by going to college, but it is very expensive and not always necessary. Sometimes, the best option is to learn the programming skills needed for success through the many online resources dedicated to it. Let us see some of the best platforms for the programming courses. 

Some of the best Sites are discussed below



Udemy is an online teaching platform that offers a huge number of courses with highly qualified tutors as mentors. It not only offers courses related to programming but also many others subjects varying from business to music. To begin with, all you need to do is just sign in by creating a Udemy account.



University of the People


The University of People is a non-profit, tuition-free, accredited online university focusing on business and computer science education. The University of People will charge some fees to cover the cost of the exams, but you have the option of avoiding them if you do not want to get certified. You can also apply for a scholarship. Visit the official website and apply for admission to start the process. If you pass, you will have to give an assessment and get admission.




GeeksforGeeks is a learning platform that contains well-explained and organized programming courses varying from beginner to advanced level. It also proved IDE for solving problems as well as holding different contests for the betterment of the student. All you require is to create an account, enroll in the specific course of your choice and start learning.




EdX is a global non-profit online learning platform. The platform offers quality courses and certifications from some of the best institutes and universities in the world, usually for free. EdX offers career-focused programs and courses to help you develop the skills you need to succeed. They offer online boot camps, certification programs, executive education, and more. To enroll in any of the free courses, you will need to create an account on EdX. Once you have it, log in to your newly created account and find the programming course you are interested in.




Coursera is a massive learning platform that has collaborations with many renowned universities to offer online courses, especially those of programming. It is a global online platform. Anyone in the world can just create his/her Coursera account and can enroll in the interested course and build their skill set.




SimpleLearn is another popular global online learning platform that offers free training on its website and YouTube channel. There are 400+ courses in various skill sets, with a focus on helping students and professionals improve their current skills or learn new ones. Courses, create a free account, login, and navigate to the category of free courses. And then, record what you like and start learning.




W3Schools is the most useful learning site for beginners. It not only provides organized courses but also explains everything with the help of examples. It offers many tutorials and even tests for more enhancement of the knowledge. You don’t even need to create an account; just simply start and enjoy your programming courses.



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