What is GPT-J Model and How to Use it?

In this blog, we have discussed the GPT-J Model and how to use it. A team of researchers by the name of EleutherAI developed the open-source, autoregressive language model known as GPT-J-6B. It is one of the most sophisticated replacements for OpenAI’s GPT-3 and performs a variety of natural language tasks, including chat, summarization, and question answering. 



In June 2021, EleutherAI, a team of AI researchers, launched GPT-J, a 6-billion parameter transformer-based language model. Since the group’s founding in July 2020, its objective has been to provide a collection of models that may be used to replicate OpenAI’s research.





How can we use GPT-J Model?


A) With Websites (GPT-J Playground)



The GPT-J Playground is available at  GPT-J Playground. which is provided by the helloforefront website. you can also use Playground (textsynth.com)  provided by the textsynth Website.

The below image is the webpage of the helloforefront website.






The below image is the webpage of the textsynth website.







You can adjust the Response length Response length is the desired length of the generated response, expressed in tokens, for your prompt.



Temperature The generated text’s randomness is controlled by temperature. The engine becomes deterministic when it has a value of 0, which means that it will always produce the same results for a given input text. The engine uses the highest creativity and takes the most risks when the value is 1.



Top K – In top-K sampling, the probabilities for anything below the kth token are zeroed out and the tokens are sorted by likelihood.



Top P Top-P is an alternate method for controlling the originality and randomness of the generated text. Only one of Temperature and Top P should be utilized, thus while using one, make sure the other is set to 1.



Repetition penalty The repetition penalty reduces a word’s probability of being chosen again the more times it has been used. In other words, it helps to avoid overusing specific words.




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