Given a ER diagram, answer the question



We have given an ER diagram where we have a different entity, attribute, connecting line. And the relationship. So Each has its own different sign. And each one has a different value.


In the given ER diagram when one element is connected to another, it forms a relationship. So To represent this relationship. There are many different types of relationships available. We have a different entity, attributes, to connect and show the relationship.  we have a connecting line. Also, entities have different shapes so do attributes have There are different types of relationships in the ER diagram.

They are as follows.

  •  One to one relationship

A one-to-one relationship means that entity A and entity B have a common something. And the one element in entity A can only be connected or can behave the same value in entity B.

  • One to many relationships

So In this relationship, suppose there are two entities A and B. So the element in entity A can have a link to the many elements in entity B. But elements in entity B can have a link to only one element the entity A.

  • Many to many relationships

In this type of relationship, So Suppose there are many elements in the entity A and B. So the elements in entity A can have a relationship with the elements in entity B. And same the elements in entity B can have a relationship to many elements of entity A.


From the above diagram, we get the following tables and their attributes are:

Table Name Attributes
AIRPORT Airport_Code, city, state, Name, Scheduled_dep_time, Scheduled_arr_time, Dep_time, Arr_time
AIRPLANE_TYPE Type_name, Max_seats, Company
AIRPLANE Airplane_id, Total_no_of_seats
FLIGHT Number, Airline, Weekdays
FARE Restrictions, amount, Code
LEG_INSTANCE No_of_availseats, date, customer name, Cphone
SEAT Seat_no


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