What type of memory is the part of the data path.


What type of memory is the part of the data path.



The data path diagram depicts the process of retrieving an instruction, running it, and storing the results.
In a data flow diagram, there are two types of memory.
One memory type is registers, which are used to store variables in instructions, and another memory type is data memory, which is the primary memory where the results are recorded and read.
Both of these memories are volatile variables. When the power is turned off, they lose their contents.


A data path diagram depicts the whole execution of an instruction in a CPU.
Many steps are included, such as fetch, decode, and execution.
The instruction is fetched from the main memory and put in registers during the fetch stage.
The instruction will be decoded in the decode stage, and the specified operations will be performed on the operands.
The ALU operations will be completed in the execution stage, followed by a read or write to the data memory.

The register file shown below is utilized at the fetch stage of instruction execution to retrieve the operands into the registers that are stored in the instruction.

The data memory into which the write occurs following the execution stage in the data pipeline is depicted in the diagram below.
The memory will be updated with the results.

As a result, the two memories mentioned above are present in the data path.
Registers and main memory are two types of memory.
Both of these items are flammable, which means they will lose their contents when the power is turned off.


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